Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Weather is not a topic that I thought would make an interesting blog post, because, although I grew up learning to love changes in weather, cloud formations, thunder storms and blizzards (my father had been a meteorologist), weather in Ferney-Voltaire has been what one expects it to be for the seasons.  But these past few weeks have been way too rainy, and the past few days have seemed more like January than late April, with unrelenting rain, cold wind, and clouds hiding the Jura Mountains to the north and the Alps to the south.  This morning, though, the clouds disappeared and the rain had vanished.  The mountains emerged covered with snow, and they tower over fields flowering with yellow rapeseed blossoms that are ready for the late spring harvest.  That’s why I’m writing about weather.  There’s a new season here: Sprinter.

Fields of springtime rapeseed flowers and snow on the Jura

The snow-covered Jura seen from a street in Ferney-Voltaire 


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photo! Your father was a meteorologist at one time? I didn't know that. We had a bizarre winter here on the tundra, but this spring is lovely.

  2. Some friends from the US are coming next week for a short visit, and I just hope the snow on the Jura doesn't melt before they get here!

  3. A raps field in bloom is my favorite thing ever. I'm just over on the Swiss side of the Jura, that top picture looks like it could have been taken just down the road from me. (Found you through MNINB, by the way)

  4. Yes, these yellow fields are spectacular, especially since the days have been so bleak and grey. Did you do the MNINB challenge? And since you found me through MNINB, and live so close, why don't we meet somewhere halfway between Ferney-Voltaire and wherever you are?