Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sweets

Versailles: Bunny and Duck Couples, Hen, and Eggs

Easter sweets appear in patisserie shop windows less than a month before Easter.  Chocolate animals (milk, dark, white, even pink) populate the shelves.

Versailles: Chocolate Cows and Pigs

Versailles: Squirrel

Versailles: Melting Bunny in the Window

Versailles: Melted Bunny in the Window

In Alsace, kugelhopf (sweet yeast cake), cakes made in lamb-shaped or fish-shaped molds, and chocolate storks – the bird of the region – join the chocolate eggs and animals as Easter specialties.

Colmar: Lamb Cakes and Kugelhopf

Colmar: Kugelhopf and Fish Cakes (but not fish)

Colmar: Easter Gingerbread

Colmar: Easter Stork

Colmar: Littler Easter Chocolates

Strasbourg: Cartoony Chocolates

Strasbourg: Gourmet Easter Menagerie

American kids don't know what they're missing.......

Joyeuses Paques and Happy Easter.

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